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Enjoying sticky, but need something more, like a custom profile picture for your bot? Want to remove the branding?
Look no further than this page!

Sticky Free

  • Tons of configurable settings
  • Unlimited open & closed tickets
  • Customizable command prefix
  • Customizable messages
  • Transcripts sent to users
  • A pretty darn good uptime
  • Custom logos
  • Custom name
  • Custom embed footer
  • Custom playing/watching status
  • Setup help (follow the quickstart!)

Sticky Premium

  • Everything from Sticky Free
  • Priority Support
  • Private bot account
  • Your own logo as bot profile picture
  • Configurable embed footer, logo, etc
  • Custom playing/watching status
  • Help for getting it set up the way you like it.


Setup fee (one time): €10
Quarterly (recurring every 3 months): €5