Sticky quickstart

This is a super short walkthrough on getting sticky running on your discord guild. Sticky is highly configurable, so do take a look at the settings page if you have more time to get it completely tuned to your liking!

1. Invite

Click here to invite sticky into your server with the required permissions.
Do not change these permissions! Sticky needs these permissions to work properly, if you do not grant these permissions, you are going to have a bad time!
Sticky requires all these permissions! If any are missing, it will not work properly.
You can check whether you did this right with


2. Set a command prefix

By default all commands start with _s, to avoid conflicts with other bots, this is of course a stupid way to start commands for users.
So pick a prefix that no other bot on your server listens to, such as _, !, or -, and set it as the prefix for sticky with

_ssetprefix <your prefix here>
Now sticky's commands no longer have to start with _s, but with what you configured! You can always check your current command prefix by tagging sticky.

3. Set your staff role

Sticky adds a staff role to created tickets, which you need to configure, so;

If you have an existing role that all ticket staff has
Use the following command (but use your own prefix set in 2 of course):

setstaff <Tag your staff role>
If you do not have a role with this purpose yet:
Go ahead and create a role, give it to all people that should see every ticket, and then go back to the start of 3.

4. Ready to use!

Sticky is now ready to be used!
You can let users create tickets by default with these commands:

  • new
  • ticket
  • newticket
(Of course with the prefix you set in 2) so put one of those somewhere where your users can see it.

5. Customization

Sticky allows you to make most things look and feel exactly how you want it, and there are too many options to change to list them all here, so go check out the settings page and see if there is anything you would like to change!
The easiest way to change settings is by using the webpanel.
Changing settings is pretty easy, the general format is

setsetting <The setting key you want to change> <The thing you want to change it to>
Some settings can also be changed with commands that check your input, see this list of commands for all of them.

5.1. Category

Set the category in which tickets are created with

setcategory <category ID or name>

5.2. Default ticket name

Sets the default ticket name/prefix. (The thing before the number of the ticket)

setdefaultname <whatever you want>

5.3. React to open message

Creates a react to open message, allows users to click on a reaction emote to open tickets.

A message like this will be generated, the text can be changed with settings via commands or the webpanel.

Need help?

Is there something not working or do you have questions? Just join our discord and shoot us a message (or create a ticket) here.